Is NavIC the answer to India's vehicle navigation?

NavIC, the location information system developed by the Indian Space Research Organization - ISRO, is already plying on commercial vehicles and public transport vehicles in the country. Now, OEMs are working towards making it available across vehicles.

Currently, OEMs depend predominantly on Global Positioning System (GPS) for vehicle navigation on account of its global coverage whereas countries such as China and Russia have devised their o...

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Rural green shoots for automakers as demand surges in June 2020

Auto manufacturers with rural penetration have been beneficiaries of this trend.

At a time when the automobile sector is witnessing an unprecedented sales disruption due to COVID-19, rural markets have brought some cheer. While the urban customers continue to face unprecedented...

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Coming Soon (Bikes)

We reveal upcoming motorcycles that are bound to get your adrenalin pumping.

Calling the two-wheeler market “the heartbeat of the country” would be an understatement. Afterall, the last four years saw India selling around 20 million units per year.  De...

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Coming Soon (Cars)

Here’s a look at what’s headed your way in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled for these sleek and shiny cars.

Though the Indian automotive scene did face some headwinds due to the slowdown followed by the Coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers across the country are now trying to steady their ships and surge ...

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