Personal mobility takes center stage

With safety being of prime importance, demand for products and services relating to personal mobility is expected to surge. From luxury car rentals to pocket-friendly used two-wheelers, consumers are fast adopting private transportation options to steer clear of the virus.

Travel isn’t going to be the same for a while and that’s a given. Whether it is your daily commute, getting from point A to point B, or that long awaited holiday break that you were so ...

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Turbocharged petrol powertrains galore

The BS-VI era has introduced us to the age of turbocharged petrol engines. Check out the range of these cost effective, cleaner engines without clamping down on power in the market.

India is a unique market because we are the only country in the world where sub-4-metre vehicles with petrol engines lesser than 1200cc receive excise benefits. Now, if that wasn’t already a ...

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Nissan logo gets a minimalist makeover

The logo in its new avatar will begin appearing this month, both in digital and physical forms

Logos are an important part of a product’s brand identity, not only do they help a brand stand out from the competition, but also facilitate customer loyalty. Over the last 18 months, the dri...

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Is NavIC the answer to India's vehicle navigation?

NavIC, the location information system developed by the Indian Space Research Organization - ISRO, is already plying on commercial vehicles and public transport vehicles in the country. Now, OEMs are working towards making it available across vehicles.

Currently, OEMs depend predominantly on Global Positioning System (GPS) for vehicle navigation on account of its global coverage whereas countries such as China and Russia have devised their o...

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Rural green shoots for automakers as demand surges in June 2020

Auto manufacturers with rural penetration have been beneficiaries of this trend.

At a time when the automobile sector is witnessing an unprecedented sales disruption due to COVID-19, rural markets have brought some cheer. While the urban customers continue to face unprecedented...

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