Coming Soon (Bikes)

We reveal upcoming motorcycles that are bound to get your adrenalin pumping.

Calling the two-wheeler market “the heartbeat of the country” would be an understatement. Afterall, the last four years saw India selling around 20 million units per year.  De...

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Coming Soon (Cars)

Here’s a look at what’s headed your way in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled for these sleek and shiny cars.

Though the Indian automotive scene did face some headwinds due to the slowdown followed by the Coronavirus pandemic, manufacturers across the country are now trying to steady their ships and surge ...

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Incentive-based policy will only create demand in the short term: CAPT NS Mohan Ram

Will policies such as 'Cash for clunkers' be feasible for India especially at a time when we are battling a slowdown and a pandemic? Read on to find out

In our previous article, Vehicle recycling centres await clarity on scrappage policy, TURN OF SPEED provided an in-depth analysis of India’s existing vehicle recycling infrastr...

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Vehicle recycling centers await clarity on scrappage policy

Developing organized vehicle recycling centers to better manage waste generated through the deluge of discarded vehicles that India will soon witness, is the need of the hour

By 2025, the number of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) is expected to increase by a whopping 250 percent and is touted to be over 21.8 million from 8.7 million ELVs that were reported in 2015. Despite ...

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Chinese investments in India to come under scanner: Sources

After Great Wall Motors, other Chinese automakers are expected to be scrutinized due to the ongoing India-China standoff, reveal industry insiders

Investments from China in the automobile sector are expected to come under the scrutiny of the Indian government, according to reliable sources in the industry. This is in light of the current poli...

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