It's raining discounts

Car companies and Banks are going all out to woo potential buyers

With the festive season starting there is reason for customers to rejoice as both, car companies and banks, are ready with goody bags, to lure customers to loosen their purse strings. The sector wh...

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Ad World

Advertising across platforms has played a key role in sales picking up in the auto sector. Will it be the magic wand to revive demand?

With the festive season round the corner, auto companies are likely to increase their ad spends to lure customers to loosen their purse strings. Auto companies advertised across platforms in the se...

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Auto sector shows signs of revival on back of entry-level cars

The auto sector which has been witnessing a significant slowdown in sales with a slackening of the economy for more than six months, now, with advent of the festive season has started to witness some signs of revival thanks to a surge in demand for small cars as well as two-wheelers.

Auto sales showed signs of revival in the month of August mainly on the back of pent up demand, the festive season nearing, and customers concerned about safety preferring to drive their own cars a...

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Will GST rate cut on two wheelers bring festive cheer?

As the government pins hope of a possible Goods and Services Tax (GST) cut on two-wheelers, both the the industry and the buyers, look on with an eager eye.

Times are grave as auto industry has seen de-growth of 75.49% (-75.49%) in domestic sales for the period between April-June 2020-21, with two-wheelers domestic sales de-growth of 74.21% (-74.21%).&...

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White is the new black

If you thought that it is just we Indians who love white cars, you couldn't be more wrong. The popularity of white is not confined to the Indian sub-continent alone and it is now spilling over to the EVs as well.

Take a bow! We are a bunch of white car fanatics! According to a recent report by BASF (Color Report 2019 for Automotive OEM Coatings), Indian car buyers opted more for white over other colour...

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