It's a Classic!

Guess what’s common to Kolkata and the brand Royal Enfield? Both are ostensibly British creations that are now distinctly Indian. Naturally, a joy ride through the city on the new Royal Enfield Classic 350 results in some fascinating thoughts and photo ops.

Contrary to its current very Bengali identity, Calcutta (or Kolkata as most would know it now) actually began as a very British city. The man who established it in 1690, Job Charnock, was British a...

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Living the Ducati dream

When you get your hands on the beautiful, Italian designed Ducati Monster 821, you’re convinced it is for the keeps…well, almost.

Ever wondered what living with a Ducati feels like? Let me tell you. For me, personally, it is out of the ordinary! My KTM Duke 390, which I thought was a furnace in the beginning, in retrospe...

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Watch it!

There are those who drive a car to get from point A to point B and there are those who wear watches to tell the time. This story, is not for them...

This is a story for those who love the finer things in life; who drive a car and wear a watch to the same end – to make a statement. Even if it is a subtle one. In complete contrast to those ...

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Mech engineering meets Menu engineering

Whet your appetite on wheels. From kitchen equipment sizes, to the number of staff workers, to the menu items, every aspect in the food trucks business requires meticulous planning. Here’s a look at what it takes to design, build and run them successfully.

At the Ferry Wharf in Mumbai, while waiting to hop on to the RoRo service for Alibaug, one can pick a quick sandwich or bite into a small pizza from a food truck called Cantina by Flamboy...

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True Timing

That Harley-Davidson never swam with the motorcycling tide is no secret. Even when it finally embraced the spirit of adventure as a part of motorcycle touring ethos, it did so at a time of its own choosing. So, this time around, has Harley-Davidson timed it right or is it too late to the party?

In the world of motorcycles, the idea of experimentation with the machine’s styling didn’t really start in earnest till the 1980s. It was only around this time that motorcycle styling s...

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