Driving Mr. Lazy! (Part I)

What makes the perfect chauffeur driven car experience and what are those pet peeves that put one off? As a person who prefers to be driven around, rather than doing the actual driving—both IRL and on his many jaunts across the world—a travel writer gives us his very own ‘Five Commandments’ for chauffeurs.

Upfront apologies are due for shamelessly co-opting and tweaking the name of one of my favourite movies of all time—the 1989 Driving Miss Daisy in the header above. In my defense, i...

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Ad Sense

To get you through the fourth week of the lockdown, we bring you seven of the best car ads featuring some great driving machines. Here’s our pick…

You may or may not be able to buy these beautiful cars, but you can definitely enjoy their ads and gauge for yourself the kind of mettle these cars are made of, and then determine if these are the ...

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Pop Cars (Part II)

To get you through the third week of the lockdown, we pick seven cool songs by some of the greatest women pop singers and bands of all times, featuring the shiniest metal, in the form of cars, in their music videos

This week we continue to bring you seven cool songs that have featured some of the most unforgettable cars in their music videos. Only this time, they're all music videos by some of the most da...

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Pop Cars (Part I)

To get you through the second week of the lockdown, we pick seven cool songs by some of the greatest pop/rock bands and music artists featuring the hottest set of wheels in their music videos

There are songs and there are music videos. As soon as the songs start climbing up the charts in their respective countries, and before they go on to become international hits, a music video is oft...

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