Is the new Honda CB350RS a good buy?

This ‘Made in India for the World’ motorcycle has a lot going for it. Read on to find out our top 7 reasons on why we think the newly launched CB350RS makes a strong case for itself.

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Honda has added a new Scrambler styled CB350 to its Big Wing line up, the CB350 RS. It is the Second mid-size ‘Made in India for the World’ motorcycle in the CB Family. The RS is based on the Highness CB350 (Which has already sold 10,000 units since its launch), with the same cradle frame, telescopic suspension and engine which puts out 20bhp@5500 rpm and 30 Nm of torque. However, with revised ergonomics the RS is styled more like a Scrambler and looks more youthful but with the classic touch. Honda believes that this will be the perfect urban city cruiser packed with comfort, style, technology and reliability. 

Here are our Top 7 reasons why you should loosen your purse strings for the CB350 RS:

1. The round-shaped LED Headlamp with a unique ring design, massive tank, eye-shaped LED winkers and under seat sleek LED tail lamp make it stand out from its rivals. 

2. A different exhaust, sporty grab rail, and lighter black smoked front and rear fender helps the CB350 RS shed an overall two kgs of weight giving it an even more sportier look. 

3. The Slipper Clutch Assist, an Advanced Digital-Analogue Meter, and the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) are segment firsts.

4. The Tuck and Roll seat design promises to make the riding experience extremely comfortable for riders and that too not only during urban commutes but also while riding long distances. 

5. The CB350 RS’ wide pattern tyres (19-inch front and 17-inch rear tyres) completes the Scrambler look. 

6. While Dual channel ABS which comes as standard on the CB350, the skid plate underneath, offer it that extra bit of protection. 

7. Available in two colour options, the CB 350 RS looks stunning in both Radiant Red Metallic as well as Black with Pearl Sports Yellow.

The CB350 RS will set you back by INR 10,000 as compared to the CB350, but then what you get is a sportier bike offering much more fun than its sibling.


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