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On capturing the essence of elements in nature or man-made architecture, and articulating it through his work.

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While nature in its absolute rawness is ingenious and has inspired design and engineering communities since ages, technology has helped mankind to innovate and achieve several remarkable feats by venturing into areas that were previously deemed inaccessible. Design is nothing but an ever-evolving transformative process that is aimed at addressing and defining problems in order to provide solutions that can empower lives and the ecosystem as a whole. Nature and technology when brought together can be instrumental in creating some of the finest design breakthroughs. Our Mark 1 and Mark 2, both homegrown vehicles (Conception and Design), are the results of such interventions whose origins can be traced to our Indian roots.

We designers often have the knack to capture the essence of elements in nature or man-made architectures and articulate them through our work. It is to our products that we are able to attribute the success when form, colour and texture come together in a never before seen manner. 

Simple Energy Mark 1 chest light, has traces of the Iron Man suit’s arc reactor architecture and this has been carried forward in the design of Simple Energy Mark 2. The Mark 2 design attempts to establish a harmony between nature and architecture. 

The team, after ruling out the apex predators from the inspiration list, predominantly gravitated towards birds and drew inspiration from them. After scanning and going through a list of birds, it was the native ‘Indian Paradise Flycatcher’ that caught our attention. The tech specs offered us triggers such as ‘nimble,’ ‘sturdy,’ ‘lightweight’ and ‘smart.’ These were the attributes of the Indian Paradise Flycatcher, all of which we could easily relate to. In fact, the Mark 2’s aesthetic front panel crown, the split tail lamps, and the side panel found inspiration from the Indian Paradise Flycatcher’s crown and crest of the head, long split tail, and feathers respectively.

A product that evokes emotions and makes us more responsible towards nature as whole is the driving force that has helped us manifest the Mark 2 concept.

Suhas Rajkumar is the Founder of Simple Energy.


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