Anglian Omega Group forays into OEM biz, to target EVs

Bringing a faster, more economical and safer way of delivering to businesses

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Anglian Omega Group, a leading Indian supplier of automotive parts, is entering the OEM business as it plans to launch its first electric vehicle, which is reportedly designed, developed and built by the in-house team of the company. Three-years in making, the company will soon launch the vehicle, which was displayed at the 15th Auto Expo held in Noida. 

While providing more details on the launch and the go-to-market strategy, Dr. Deb Mukherji, Managing Director, Anglian Omega Group said that the company is currently inviting dealership inquiries. “We will be ready to start deliveries to customers by May,” informs Dr. Mukherji. The company is planning to target the B2B segment by aligning with logistics service providers as well as logistics partners of E-Commerce companies such as Amazon, Walmart and Big Basket. According to Dr. Mukherji, “the last mile becomes very critical in the E-commerce sector. There are people who come carrying a large load on their motorcycles which is very unsafe and also very un-ergonomical for the operator, so we wish to address that pain-point for our customers,” says Dr. Mukherji.

We are informed that field trials with one of the large companies providing service to some of the larger E-Commerce players has already been carried out. “For three months we did field trials with them, they were very happy. They found that on a broad benchmark 20 trips by a motorcycle guy can be converted into one trip of our vehicle, so, you see it is a huge economical way of delivering and also it is safe, comfortable and you know you can serve your customer much better this way,” explains Dr. Mukherji, who further goes on to tell us how they are thus, bringing to the table, their understanding of the business, coupled with technology, R&D and engineering by their people, in order to place their vehicle in the market.  

Known mainly for their steel products such as bars and sheets as well as auto components such as power train parts, engine parts, clutch assemblies and body parts, the company will now play the role of an OEM, following the launch of its first electric vehicle, which is completely built by the in-house team of Anglian Omega Group. Explaining this transition, Dr. Mukherji says, “EV (Electric Vehicles) is our new venture where we are taking a leap forward, from component to OEM level, it is a big jump.” Having been in this field and understanding the business, Dr. Mukherji says that they “broadly know the technology, know the competitor landscape, and also know that there is a big disruption coming… ICE engines to Electric Vehicles…globally.” Knowing fully well that India will also be impacted by it, and by getting a feel by how everybody is talking “Electric,” the people at Anglian Omega Group are convinced that when this does happen, though there will be challenges, there will also be a major opportunity for a company such as theirs.

The company’s aggressive plan of launching its first EV was evident at the 15th Auto Expo, last month, in Greater Noida, where the company had on display their vehicles that stood out for their build quality and technology. “We believe in technology, in our own R&D, and also in working along with various partners,” says Dr. Mukherji explaining that for the last three years they have been busy with R&D and engineering their own product. “This is a fully in-house designed, developed and built vehicle. Nothing is imported, everything is made in India,” says Dr. Mukherji.

The vehicle boasts an all steel body, because in the Indian market fiber, plastic or composites don’t really work, thanks to the driving and safety conditions while ferrying this kind of load, explains Dr. Mukherji. The entire battery is sourced in India… we have two options, one a Chinese company that makes in India, and another, is an Indian company,” he says. “The battery, the heart of the cart, is a Lithium-Ion one. It is a 48V and 12Kw Hrs battery which can give 100 km of range in a single charge,” he says. “This is the first vehicle certified in L5/LV category which can have a minimum speed of 50 kmph and powertrain of 12Kw Hrs and 12 Kw motors, that’s broadly the vehicle,” explains Dr. Mukherji. 

Along with the locally manufactured product, the company claims to provide options for customization, according to the needs of their customers. The company stated that it can provide customization options such as cargo box. “The advantage is that I’m doing everything in-house. I’m not buying anything from China or elsewhere and putting it together like many others are doing. So, the advantage is that I can customize the box, I can customize the cabin, the seats, whatever,” says Dr. Mukherji. The vision is that the company sees itself as playing a small part in the whole ecosystem of environment-friendly, pollution-friendly, sound-friendly, vehicle manufacturing with “Make in India,” which they are really keen on. With the Government being serious and providing significant benefits, such as FAME II subsidies, the company has ensured that the whole vehicle’s architecture has been planned accordingly, so that they qualify. 

While the EV is their first venture as an OEM, the company, over the years, has been growing significantly, both organically as well as by acquisition. The company has also expanded its operations by establishing new companies and partnering with a Swiss investor, Bluwat, who has been working with them for close to a decade. The company currently has eight factories. Established by Mr. S.P. Narang, in 1971, which now has his wife, Asha Narang, at the helm of affairs, the company, has been active in the automotive space for the last 50 years. 

As it plans to enter the OEM business, Dr. Mukherji says, “We have been set for the past three years with the new EV. That product has to become a business and business will hopefully become a brand and brand will “hopefully” bring in some wealth,” he says. Eventually Dr. Mukherji says that the plan is to go to one tonne. “That is the next milestone or target we have, we will go to a four-wheeler with one tonne,” he says.

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