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To get you through the fourth week of the lockdown, we bring you seven of the best car ads featuring some great driving machines. Here’s our pick…

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You may or may not be able to buy these beautiful cars, but you can definitely enjoy their ads and gauge for yourself the kind of mettle these cars are made of, and then determine if these are the very cars that you’d like to see parked in your driveway someday.  


Nothing spells “Independence” the way an American two-door muscle car does and Dodge sure knows how to play it right. Their ad, “The devil went down to Georgia” made for Super Bowl, which was happening in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2019, featured some very handsome cars, such as a Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, a Charger SRT Hellcat, and a Durango SRT, each in a magnificent colour. Few ads feature such insane driving and so much rubber smoking as this one. Also, to be noted, is how the fast-paced driving kept pace with the tempo of the music. However, most watch a Dodge ad for its tag line, that appears towards the end of the ad, because nothing conveys this American car’s true essence better than the words…“Domestic. Not Domesticated.”



Alfa Romeo

Few car makers can even come close to matching the production quality of the ads made by the Italian car maker, Alfa Romeo. Whether it was their "Wicked Game" ads (both I and II which featured precision driving of their cars Giulia and Stelvio or their latest one featuring none other than one of the fastest Formula one race driver in the world, Kimi Raikkonen. Not only did they get him to drive their cars, but they also switched the colour of their cars and went from red to blue, to set it off against beautiful Monaco's backdrop, where the ad was shot. However, our favourite  remains the one that features their Giulia sportscar in their ad, "Dear Predictable" which has an element of feminine mystique to it.




Associating with a famous celebrity always pays off and who knows this better than British singer, songwriter and actor, Sting? Jaguar featured montages of Sting’s music video, Desert Rose from his album, Brand New Day, in their commercial of the Jaguar S-Type, in 2000. The words read… “Everyone dreams of becoming a rock star, what then do rock stars dream of?” The ad ends with Jaguar S-Type “The Art of Performance”.




Saying that the Brits have the most wicked sense of humour would be an understatement. But then how do you explain a British director, (Guy Ritchie) getting his own wife, an American Superstar, (Madonna) to star in his (ad) film only to make a complete ass of herself for a German luxury car maker (BMW)? Madonna’s BMW ad directed by her then husband, Guy Ritchie, was not an ad, it was infact a short film, that was 7 plus mins long. Besides directing, Guy Ritchie, also co-wrote the script with Joe Sweet. The ad film also starred the very handsome, Clive Owen who played the driver. For once, it seemed like Madonna, knew how to be a sport and take a joke lying down, and we mean LITERALLY. 




Celine Dion’s rendition of the famous song done earlier by Cyndi Lauper, I drove all night from her album, One Heart, featured in a commercial for Chrysler. She apparently got to sign a three-year agreement with the Chrysler Group however, according to reports, the car didn’t really take off, in terms of sales. Her song played in the background while she drove a Chrysler Pacifica, a crossover, a combo of a sedan, a mini-van and an SUV.




Think MINI and one can’t help but think of Jason Bourne’s car, the MINI Cooper, in the car chase that takes place in the middle of Paris, in the film Bourne Identity, right? However, there is one beautiful ad that could give that scene a run for its money. This ad also features a MINI, only this time it is the rugged Countryman. One thing worth noting is that both the MINIs are red!  Great driving combined with some great VFX, and voila, the MINI, manages to captivate audiences yet again! 




Have your cake and eat it too! That’s probably the message that Skoda wanted to give out with their car, the Skoda Fabia. Skoda’s cake car ad was a meticulously made one which subtly captured the essence of their car building, done in a similarly meticulous manner, through the cake. Their tag line… “The new Fabia. Full of lovely stuff.” Delicious, we say. 




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