Rapido resumes operations in almost 100 cities

Will follow the guidelines announced by the Government for Unlock 1.0

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Rapido has resumed operations in close to 100 cities, starting June 3, 2020, as per the guidelines announced by the Government for Unlock 1.0. Being the most affordable, convenient and accessible last mile connectivity option for millions of users, they are geared to ensure the safety and protection of their customers as well as of their Captains (driver partners). They will be closely monitoring the adherence of all mandatory and hygiene guidelines issued by the authorities by all their stakeholders. 

With the resumption of daily and office commuters, bike taxi offers an accessible and time saving mode of transport in cities, especially for short distance rides. It is a more open and personalized way for intra city travel, as opposed to other crowded alternate ways like cabs, buses, autos and trains, where the customer has an advantage of less exposure to any infection due to his/her limited interaction with the captain. 

Rapido is also ensuring that all safety protocols- use of masks, hairnets, sanitisers and helmets for their captains as well as their customers are in place. It is also mandatory for the Captains to install the Aarogya Setu app and adhere to a checklist of items and declaration, provided by Rapido, before accepting rides. This will be done every time a Captains goes online. For now, their bike taxi services will be operational in the green and orange zones only and they are also showing containment areas in their app and making sure Captains and customers don't pass by those areas. Resuming these operations will bring relief to around 300K Captains (driver partners) that are solely dependent on the bike taxi service for their daily income and livelihood. With this, Rapido hopes to make every #RapidoRide a #SafeRide.” 

Rapido Safety Protocols:

For safety protocols, our Captains have been trained towards implementing safety checks and guidelines to follow before accepting rides to ensure customer safety. 

As part of this exercise, we have made it mandatory for our Captains:

1. To install the Aarogya Setu app before they can go On-duty to start accepting orders.

2. To wear a mask at all times and carry sanitizers, hair net in addition to the mandatory


3. Captains are asked to maintain personal hygiene and sanitize their bikes at regular intervals. Especially sanitize the pillion seat before on boarding customers in addition to wearing a mask at all times.Captains will also get a checklist of items and declaration that they have to adhere to before accepting rides. This will be done every time a Captains goes online. Sanitizers and masks are being provided to all their Captains.  Customers are being provided with mandatory sanitized half helmets as opposed to full-face helmets before every ride.

New Policy Support:

Free cancellation if any of the Captains or customers come without a mask.

After every ride customers and Captains can provide feedback about wearing a mask or if the Captains did not use a sanitizer. Action will be taken against the violators. Containment areas in their apps are being shown to make sure that Captains and customers avoid those areas.

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