Electric Vehicles

To the Moon and Back

We drove the BMW iX, MINI Electric, and the BMW i4 recently, and came away wondering if driving these insanely fast Zero emission cars can even be called “Work”?

Can there possibly be anything more thrilling than waking up in the morning and flying out to the capital just to slide cars? Well, that’s exactly what we did recently. A few kilometers away ...

Date : Jun 06, 2022

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Sony’s Electric Car Plans: Ambitious and Achievable?

The consumer electronics giant Sony is evaluating its foray into electric cars. Can it pull it off?

In 2020, Sony surprised the world with a beautifully designed electric car – the Vision-S concept. The Vision-S is a sleek electric sedan that packs in a lot of cool technologies. Recently, t...

Date : Mar 24, 2022

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V Will Rock You

Chunky Vazirani, Founder & CEO, Vazirani Automotive, on readying Shul and learnings from E-Konk – the most mechanical electric car.

Chunky Vazirani’s hypercar, Shul, has been work in progress ever since it debuted in 2018, but now his latest car, E-Konk, which derives its name from the word, Ek Onkar, ...

Date : Dec 24, 2021

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Tata Motors second Electric Vehicle, the Tigor EV, is here. Is it worth the price and should you buy one? Yes and Yes.

Just like many in India have lived to tell their great grandchildren the story of how pigeons delivered letters during their days before email became de riguer, many out there, will live to te...

Date : Sep 08, 2021

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The Times They’re A-Changin

Vivek B. Srivatsa, Head, Marketing, Passenger & Electric Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors talks to TURN OF SPEED about their newly launched Tata Tigor EV and their strong push towards Digital.

In this interview with TURN OF SPEED, Vivek B. Srivatsa, Head, Marketing, Passenger & Electric Vehicles Business Unit, Tata Motors, tells us about the newly launched Tata Tigor EV – ...

Date : Sep 01, 2021

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