To the Lighthouse

An impromptu day trip to Daman in the Audi Q3 was the perfect panacea after a month of strenuous toil. From the forts and the Churches to the colourful buildings and the beaches, Daman has it all.

A few days back, on a beautiful Sunday morning, my classmate, N, and I, decided to take a road trip to Daman in the well-engineered, luxe SUV, the Audi Q3, and boy, were we in for a pleasant surpri...

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Cars are Cars, and Fashion is Fashion and never the twain shall meet? Wrong! Fareeda Kanga steps into the exhilarating world of sleek automobiles and high fashion at Museo Automovilistico de Malaga, Spain, and gives us the lowdown.

If you happen to be in Malaga – The birthplace of Pablo Picasso and gateway to the Costa Del Sol, don’t miss out on this truly unique museum. Not just a treat for automobile lovers -- t...

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The Black Cab: London's Quintessential Icon

No trip to London is complete without a ride in an iconic Black Cab. Fareeda Kanga explains why.

London. A city steeped in colourful history and breath-taking architecture, it boasts some of the World’s greatest museums, and is home to diverse cultures. All of this is what makes it one o...

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Drift Diary

Petrolhead, Rahil Shaikh, goes drifting with a Lada 2107, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and gives us a blow-by-blow account of what drifting in the snow feels like for a first timer.

“Flick the steering, gas it, feel the rear kick out, and then leave the steering,” were precious words of advice from my instructor, Stanislav, from www.letsdrift.ru, who was givin...

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Diu Tour

What can be more adventurous than exploring a new destination by embarking on a road trip in a mighty capable vehicle that can take the rough with the smooth and provide unparalleled driving pleasure? We did just that on our road trip with the Jeep Meridian, from Thane to Diu and back. Read on…

At a time when it seemed like almost everyone out there was descending on Goa, in droves, I zeroed in on another former Portuguese colony – Diu – which falls under theAdministration of ...

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