Honda City 2023: Supreme Sophistication

The fifth generation Honda City has received a mid-life facelift. If you’re a fan of the sedan you’ll be able to notice the changes right away, if not, we’re here to tell you everything about it.

When it comes to technology, few car manufacturers can match the alacrity with which Honda brings their latest innovations to their newest models. In fact, Honda has garnered qu...

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Ferrari 296 GTB: Twice as much Fun

The 296 GTB is a sharp-looking hybrid supercar that is a hoot to drive.

I took the Ferrari 296 GTB for a spin on a beautiful crisp December morning and was blown away by its unique ability to be both, a silent cat on the prowl as well as a roaring s...

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Hyundai Venue 2022: An obvious choice?

The refreshed Hyundai Venue is here and is competitively priced too. In a much-crowded compact SUV segment, where you're spoilt for choice, should you be shortlisting it?

It seems like yesterday when Hyundai launched their brand-new compact SUV, the Venue, aboard the Angriya with much fanfare, except that the year was 2019, and yet, her...

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Citroen C3: Charming. Cushy. Capable.

The Citroen C3 is a Captivating, Compact, and Creative, hatch that brings a whiff of fresh air to the B-Segment hatchback category.

Finally, you don’t have to sell your kidneys in order to buy something that is small, tasteful and of European lineage. We’re talking about a hatch that is...

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Volkswagen Virtus: The Heartthrob of 2022

Volkswagen Virtus may share underpinnings with its cousin Skoda Slavia, but make no mistake, this gorgeous sedan will take no time to create its own distinct identity and come into its own.

The Volkswagen Virtus has ranked pretty high up on our list of #MustDriveCars2022, and let’s just say that when we drove it recently, it exceeded expectations by ticking a...

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