Rent, Ride, Explore: Discover a new path to Pure Motorcycling with Royal Enfield Rentals

Programme to cover more than 40 motorcycle rental operators across 25 cities and destinations in India, enabling explorers and enthusiasts to rent and ride more than 300 motorcycles.

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Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size (250cc-750cc) motorcycle segment, today launched Royal Enfield Rentals, a unique and one-of-its-kind programme that partners with the vibrant and thriving ecosystem of motorcycle rental operators across India to allow enthusiastic explorers an easy and super convenient way to rent and ride Royal Enfield Motorcycles. Be it exciting road-trips with the family, adventures and trail explorations with motorcycling buddies, or a quiet, introspective solo motorcycling expedition, this new initiative promises to fuel the passion for riding by offering hassle-free access to rent a Royal Enfield motorcycle and ride anywhere.

For decades, Royal Enfield’s motorcycling ecosystem has included hundreds and thousands of independent mechanics, ustaads, custom-builders, and motorcycle rental operators across India, who have furthered the brand’s vision of being an ally on every rider’s journey of exploration. Royal Enfield has been in close collaboration with these evangelists of pure motorcycling by partnering with them and working with them. The new Royal Enfield Rentals initiative is a renewed reiteration of commitment to work with this extended ecosystem. Travellers and motorcyclists now have the access to rent from a wide portfolio of over 300 Royal Enfield motorcycles across 25 cities in India, from more than 40 motorcycle rental operators. 

Speaking about this new initiative, Mohit Dhar Jayal, Chief Brand Officer, Royal Enfield, said, "Our extended family of motorcycle rental and tour operators and mechanics have played a critical role in shaping our culture and mission of pure motorcycling. Alongside our efforts, the people of this extended ecosystem have built wider access and aspiration for our motorcycles. Our new Royal Enfield Rentals initiative will enable access for riders to rent a motorcycle anywhere in India, and it will also enhance the level of support we offer to all motorcycle rental operators who represent the backbone of our ecosystem across tourist and rider destinations everywhere”. 

India, a vast land of diverse cultures, terrain, and destinations is best experienced on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. Simple, uncomplicated, evocative, and fun to ride, Royal Enfield motorcycles are the best set of wheels for an unhurried, leisure travel experience and have been trusted companions of adventurers and explorers for decades. Now, the process of renting and riding these motorcycles has become even more convenient and reliable as riders will have access to high-quality and well-maintained fleet of Royal Enfield motorcycles, providing them with peace of mind throughout their journey.

Royal Enfield now enables travellers to explore India with an array of experiences across more than 25 cities. From the vibrant cultures of Ahmedabad and Mumbai, Royal Enfield Rentals paves the way to explore the colourful deserts of Kutch in Gujarat or Maharashtra's rich tapestry. Venture to the tranquil mountains from Chandigarh, the gateway to Dharamshala, Leh, and Manali, where adventure thrives in every corner. Discover the spiritual sanctuaries of Haridwar and Rishikesh along the Ganges, while Udaipur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer whisper tales of regal heritage while exploring the deserts. The coastal charms of Goa, Kochi, Bhubaneswar, Thiruvananthapuram and Visakhapatnam offer quaint, unexplored backroads and sandy shores. Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad showcase majestic cultural cityscapes, and Shimla, Nainital, and Dehradun cradle you in hillside serenity. Chase unique experiences while soaring in Bir Billing's paragliding paradise or embarking on wildlife adventures in Siliguri. As more cities will be added in the future, Royal Enfield Rentals will continue to provide unforgettable journeys in each of these cities.

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