Royal Enfield's latest cruiser - Meteor 350 - arrives

Comes with the all-new Royal Enfield Tripper - turn-by-turn navigation device for real time directions, built with Google Maps Platform.

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Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size motorcycle segment (250cc-750cc), today announced the launch of its all-new Easy Cruiser, the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

The new Meteor 350 adds another chapter to Royal Enfield’s legacy of producing cruisers loved by their riders. Beginning in the 1990s with the Citybike then the Lightning, India’s first highway cruiser, Royal Enfield followed-up in 2002 with the first generation of the all-conquering Thunderbird. Subsequent evolutions, the 2008 UCE twin-spark Thunderbird and the 2018 Thunderbird X, further defined India’s cruiser segment, combining laidback highway cruising with contemporary city chic. Building on this rich heritage and experience of long distance cruising, the Meteor 350 is all set to take the journey much further.

The Meteor 350 inherits  its name from another iconic Royal Enfield motorcycle of the 1950’s. Launched at the end of 1952, the Meteor was a magnificent touring motorcycle with a reputation that has stood the test of time. The new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 easy-cruiser, carries Royal Enfield’s signature styling but with many firsts, and is set to be an equally outstanding machine for our times.

Commenting on the launch of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors Ltd. said, “The Meteor 350 is a supremely refined, easy and accessible cruiser. It is a charming combination of classic cruiser styling with modern capability. We wanted to build a motorcycle that could ensure a great cruising experience for new, as well as experienced riders. The Meteor 350 is just perfect for that. It is easy, very comfortable with excellent ergonomics, and absolutely enjoyable for long distance riding and highway cruising, while being great within the city as well. The motorcycle’s poise, its agile handling and up-rated braking, result in an unmatched ride experience. The Meteor also comes with Royal Enfield Tripper, a convenient turn-by-turn navigation pod that connects to the Royal Enfield App. We have invested a lot of time and effort in making the navigation simple and sharply intuitive with native Google Maps integration. In a clear manner it gives the rider all the information needed to make the right decision on the road. It is un-intrusive and does not clutter the rider with too many distractions. It is by far the best two-wheeler navigation support. All-in-all, the Meteor 350 is a well-rounded, super refined motorcycle and we are confident that it will bring the golden age of cruising on Indian roads”

Together with the launch of the Meteor 350 comes the Royal Enfield’s Make It Yours - MiY - initiative, an inventive and unique motorcycle personalization tool. New Meteor 350 owners can tap into thousands of possible personalisation combinations when they order their motorcycle via the Royal Enfield App, on the website or at a dealership. In addition to the 7 standard colourways, under 3 editions, MiY allows an additional 8 colourway options for customers. 

Commenting on the launch and specifically about the Make It Yours initiative, Vinod K. Dasari, CEO of Royal Enfield, said: “With the Meteor 350, we wanted to build not just a fabulous motorcycle, but also create a whole new way for people to engage with the brand and transform their purchase and ownership experience. While motorcycle personalization has grown enormously over the last decade, the options available to create a personalized purchase experience are practically nonexistent. We’ve changed that. Our production team has worked diligently on developing new manufacturing systems at our world-class Vallam Vadagal plant, and has come up trumps with an intuitive, frictionless ordering system. We are very proud to be the first Indian motorcycle manufacturer to offer our customers such a wide choice of personalization options when they order their new motorcycles”

Designed and developed by the talented teams of designers and engineers based at Royal Enfield’s two state-of-the-art technical centres, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Bruntingthorpe, UK, the Meteor 350 is an undeniably attractive motorcycle. The quality of refinement - mechanical, fittings and finish - has been raised to a new level to give a truly top-class, modern motorcycle, while retaining the all-important Royal Enfield DNA. With a 349cc air-oil cooled single-cylinder engine, the Meteor generates 20.2 bhp and 27 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, resulting in an abundance of the low-down grunt that’s a fundamental characteristic of a cruiser. 

Making its debut on the Meteor 350 is the new TBT (Turn-By-Turn) navigation pod, known as the Royal Enfield Tripper, a highly focused navigation display device for real time directions, built with Google Maps Platform. 

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 will be available in 3 editions, − the Fireball, the Stellar and the Supernova. All editions are fitted with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres as standard, giving riders convenience and peace of mind, especially on long journeys. 

All three Meteor variants come with a new instrument cluster which combines the timeless elegance of a ‘dancing needle’ analogue speedometer with the functionality of an LCD display for essentials such as gear indicator, fuel gauge, clock and tripmeter. Last but not least, a USB port is discreetly mounted below the handlebars to enable charging on the go.

The Meteor 350 is supported by a suite of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, designed and developed  for it, which can be added when ordering the motorcycle. 

For the first time, customers booking a Meteor 350 will simultaneously be able to opt for Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC), extended warranty and roadside assistance, all with flexibility built in to suit the requirements of the rider. Another digital innovation that accompanies the Meteor 350 launch is the Royal Enfield Mechanic App. This aims to retool and upskill the entire mechanic ecosystem, authorised service centre network and thousands of freelance mechanics who, for generations, have been extensions of the brand’s service network. The Mechanic App is a digitized platform that offers e-diagnostics for easier, faster and precise diagnosis and resolution of most service needs. By simply plugging in a dongle, riders can interface their motorcycle with the RE Mechanic App via a smartphone. The App also includes a range of valuable additional features such as interactive learning modules, service manuals, electronic parts catalogue and online ordering.

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 sets a new benchmark in cruisers. It has been built from the ground up for those needing a unique motorcycle for city riding, but who also long for a thoroughbred mount that allows them to head out on the highway and escape the pressures of daily life. The Meteor 350 will be available for test rides starting today at 560 dealerships across nearly 350 cities. Bookings will be taken across all dealerships in the country. Motorcycle deliveries for the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 will begin on November 7, 2020. The Meteor 350 will be available at a starting price of Rs. 1,75,817 for the Fireball, Rs. 1,81,326 for the Stellar, and at Rs. 1,90,536  for the Supernova editions. (all ex-showroom Chennai prices)


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