Audi Q2: In Love Again

The Audi Q2 is a sprightly, little compact crossover that is big on fun and power.

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Just why did Audi wait so long to bring the Q2 to India is the first thing that comes to mind after you’ve experienced this little speed monster because ideally this would have made for a great candidate amongst several other hot hatches with feeble engines out there. But then, this isn’t a hot hatch, or is it? Well, Audi is calling the Q2, a crossover. Read on to find out why.

First things first. You are going to absolutely love the Q2’s arresting design language which has a beautiful trapezoidal theme running through its well-sculpted body and on other parts such as the headlights and grille as well.

It is these design flourishes that really make the Q2 stand out, especially when viewed from certain angles and therein lies its unique beauty.  At first glance you may mistake it is for a hot hatch but then, its wide-bodied stance, ground clearance of 200 mm and rakish windscreen should dispel all such notions. 

The interior is very Audi and by that what we mean is a very clean design, that exudes a luxurious feel with soft touch plastic and with some excellent fit and finish, in terms of really high-quality switches and knobs.

However, we wished the Q2 came fitted with real leather seats instead of the leatherette ones. 

The Q2’s digital instrument cluster is a very good one with a crisp display and all the information that you need at hand.

However, the same cannnot be said about the Q2's infotainment system. We really do wish Audi had upgraded to a touchscreen and also given it a better casing and finish. It is a bit too plasticky for a car that costs upwards of INR three million.

The indicator stalks are hardy and well-finished, the seatbelts are also of premium quality and not flimsy like seen on many other cars, which speaks volumes about the refinement levels and the thought that has gone into getting this crossover right.

The Q2 also offers enough space for four to be seated comfortably with enough headroom, kneeroom and legroom. The transmission tunnel will not allow for the fifth passenger to be comfortable in there.

The boot capacity is 405 liters which means that you can even travel long distances across the country comfortably with enough luggage in there to last you through your month-long trip without having to rough it out in the same pair of jeans while you’re on the road. 

The Q2 40 TFSI, comes with a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter (1984cc) turbocharged petrol engine, that belts out 190 hp@4200-6000rpm and 320 Nm@1500-4100rpm of torque. Plus, the 7-speed DSG gearbox makes your drive a very refined one too. 

We absolutely loved the way the manner in which the Q2 pulls smoothly upwards of the 2500rpm mark. The seamless gearshifts and its extraordinarily brilliant power delivery, thanks to the DSG gearbox truly make the Q2 stand out. Plus, the fact that the Q2 weighs only 1430 kg also plays a big role in its delivering that power-packed performance. In fact, we just couldn’t have enough of it.

To squeeze every bit of fun out of it, we drove it in the ‘Dynamic’ mode, engaging in some seriously fast driving and we’re happy to report that it felt very securely planted on the tarmac at all times with very little body roll. Red lined at 6500 rpm, this is a very rev-happy engine and the Quattro All-Wheel Drive just makes the Q2’s entire ride and handling experience that much more thrilling.

However, it must be said that the suspension is slightly stiff and you do feel the bumps on some really bad stretches of roads out there but overall, Audi has ensured that they have delivered a brilliant product with hardly anything to complain about. Out and out a driver’s delight, it really is a super fun crossover to own and you sure will thank us after you’ve made this purchase. 

Priced at 35 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom), this is definitely a crossover that should be on your list if you don’t want to go for a tiny hatchback or a full-blown SUV but want to get yourself something that is in-between the two, without compromising on either looks, luxury or power. Because the Q2 is spacious enough and practical too, it automatically becomes a sensible choice for all those who really enjoy spirited driving, but more importantly, for those who appreciate the fact that there’s more to life than being stuck driving a stretch limo to work day in and day out.

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